Is Cisco's Digital e-Learning Right for You? (Part 2 of 2)

Cisco’s Digital e-Learning Library

This blog post is Part 2 of 2.

In yesterday’s post, we talked about Cisco’s Digital e-Learning Library and discussed the advantages this method of training has over onsite and live online training.  For yesterday’s post, Click Here.

Today, we will list the classes and certifications that are included in the library.

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How many e-Learning classes are there?

Currently, the are almost 50 e-Learning classes available.  However, Cisco is in the process of adding more classes.  Therefore, if you do not see the class you want listed below, contact you NterOne Sales Rep or send an email to to find out if the class you want has been added since the date of this post.

Certification Classes in the Cisco Digital e-Learning Library

The following certification classes are included in the Cisco Digital eLearning Library. For more information about any class, the cost of the class or to register, click the class title and that will take you to that class’ page to give you all the information you need or to register.

Product Training

Bundled Deals

If you want to save money, you can purchase a bundle of classes.  Remember, you only have access to the entire bundle for 365 days.  But, if you need to get certified ASAP, what better motivator then to purchase the bundle. 

Training Tip:  Bundles are so economically priced that it may be cheaper to purchase a bundle and take only 2 or 3 classes in the bundle than to purchase the 2 or 3 classes individually.  If you need more than one class – compare the price of the individual classes to the price of the bundle.  You may save money with the bundle and who knows, you may take the additional classes in the bundle that you may have not taken if you had bought them individually.

  • Cisco Complete Self-Paced Digital Learning Library Bundle
    • Get the entire Cisco Self-Paced Digital Learning Library Bundle.  This list of 40 courses includes all the self-paced Video-On-Demand courses for Route & Switch, Wireless, Video, Cloud, Security, and Data Center training.  Associate and Professional-level self-study courses in this bundle can be used for the following certifications:
      • CCNA Route & Switch
      • CCNP Route & Switch
      • CCDA Design
      • CCNA Wireless
      • CCNP Wireless
      • CCNA Security
      • CCNP Security
      • CCNA Collaboration
      • CCNP Collaboration
      • CCNA Cloud

To get started, contact your NterOne Sales Rep or email

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