Redeem your CLCs for NterOne classes through Cisco

Cisco Learning Credits or (CLCs) are prepaid training vouchers that make planning for your success easier when purchasing Cisco products and services.

Whether you are an individual or part of a team, CLCs ensure you have the tools you need to maximize success/value with your Cisco solutions.

You can redeem your Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs) only directly with Cisco. This does not mean that you cannot spend your CLCs for Cisco training delivered by NterOne.

You can still do that, and we offer you three different options:

  1. Register for a scheduled CLC-eligible Cisco training provided by NterOne directly at NterOne’s website

    We always keep an offer of the most wanted courses that you can select from and register on the immediately.

  2. Request to schedule a CLC-eligible course

    If your desired course is not among the scheduled and listed CLC-eligible courses (delivered by NterOne), we can add it there. Please contact our team with your training request and we will gladly help you.

  3. Request a dedicated training class for your company or your customer

    We will gladly arrange the training for you and coordinate it with Cisco.

Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs) FAQs:

Can I use CLCs for courses delivered by NterOne?

Yes. You can still redeem your Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs) for courses provided by NterOne Learning.

There are two different ways:

  • If you need a seat or two (the so-called Open Enrollment training):
  • Together with Cisco, we regularly schedule courses that are eligible for paying with CLCs immediately. In order to pay for those with CLCs, you can book the courses at or let us know and we can do it for you.

  • If you need a dedicated training for your company or your customer (Closed Enrollment training):
  • Together with Cisco, we regularly schedule courses that are eligible for paying with CLCs immediately. In order to pay for those with CLCs, you can book the courses at or let us know and we can do it for you.

Which CLC-eligible courses are currently scheduled as “delivered by NterOne?

You can immediately redeem CLCs for the following Learning Partner approved classes with Cisco:

AcronymCourse NameDurationCLC Value
CCNAImplementing and Administering Cisco Solution542
CLACCMImplementing Cisco Advanced Call Control and Mobility Services543
CLAUIImplementing Automation for Cisco Collaboration Solutions330
CLCEIImplementing Cisco Collaboration Cloud and Edge Solutions543
CLCORImplementing and Operating Cisco Collaboration Core Technologies543
CLFNDUUnderstanding Cisco Collaboration Foundations542
CLICAImplementing Cisco Collaboration Applications543
CSAUIntroducing Automation for Cisco Solutions220
DCACIImplementing Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure546
DCAUIImplementing Automation for Cisco Data Center Solutions530
DCCNXConfiguring Cisco NX OS switched and Fabrics in the data center331
DCCORImplementing and Operating Cisco Data Center Core Technologies546
DCCUCSConfiguring Cisco Unified Computing System331
DCFNDUUnderstanding Cisco Data Center Foundations546
DCIDDesigning Cisco Data Center Infrastructure541
DCIHXImplementing Cisco HyperFlex439
DCINXIntroducing Cisco NX OS Switches and Fabrics in the Data Center221
DCITTroubleshooting Cisco Data Center Infrastructure546
DCIUCSIntroducing Cisco Unified Computing System221
DCMDSConfiguring Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switches539
DCNXImplementing Cisco NX-OS Switches and Fabrics in the Data Center546
DEVASCDeveloping Applications and Automating Workflows using Cisco Platforms545
DEVCORDeveloping Applications Using Cisco Platforms and APIs545
DEVIOTDeveloping Solutions using Cisco IoT & Edge Platforms545
DEVOPSImplementing DevOps Solutions and Practices using Cisco Platforms545
ECMS1Engineering Cisco Meraki Solutions Part 1110
ECMS2Engineering Cisco Meraki Solutions Part 2328
ENARSIImplementing Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services543
ENAUIImplementing Automation for Cisco Enterprise Solutions330
ENC9KImplementing Cisco Catalyst 9000 Switches331
ENCORImplementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies543
ENSLDDesigning Cisco Enterprise Networks541
ENWLSDDesigning Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks543
ENWLSIImplementing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks543
SAUIImplementing Automation for Cisco Security Solutions329
SCORImplementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies543
SECCLDSecuring Cloud Deployments with Cisco Technologies440
SESAImplementing and Configuring Cisco Email Security Appliance436
SISEImplementing and Configuring Cisco Identity Services Engine543
SSFAMPProtecting Against Malware Threats with Cisco AMP for Endpoints330
SSFIPSSecuring Networks with Cisco Firepower Next543
SSNGFWSecuring Networks with Cisco Firepower Next Generation Firewall543
SVPNImplementing Secure Solutions with Virtual Private Networks543
SWSASecuring the Web with Cisco Web Security Appliance220
WLFNDUUnderstanding Cisco Wireless Foundations543
DCIIAData Center Integrated Infrastructure AdministrationDays43

Nterone Derivative works courses eligible for CLC

AcronymCourse NameDurationCLC Value
ACUCMAdministering Cisco Unified Communications Manager440
SDAOTSSDA Implementation, Operation and Troubleshooting546
IADNACAImplementing and Administering DNA Center for Assurance546
SDWMEROperating Cisco SD-WAN Meraki331
DNASPAAdministering DNA Spaces331
INTUCSXAdministering Cisco UCS X-Series Solutions with Intersight546
C98WF6Configuring Cisco Catalyst 9800 and Intro to WIFI6321
SDWSECSecure SD-WAN Integration and Administration439
IPNBIP Networking Basics111
WXTWCisco WebEx Teams Workshop318
ADMUMBAdministering Cisco Umbrella328
CSWADVCisco Secure Workload Firewall Enforcement Agents, Data Flow Mapping, and Advanced Policy Deployment540
SDWOTSSD WAN Administration and Advanced Troubleshooting547
INCVDOCisco CyberVision Deployment and Operation329
INDOIntroduction to Nexus Dashboard Operations338
DCUCAIv1.1Administering Cisco UCS with Intersight436
SDAINTv2.3Introduction to SDA221
DNACPFDNA Center Programmability with Service Now and Splunk330
SDWADVCisco SD-WAN Day-N Advanced Monitoring and Troubleshooting330
OPCFSOOperationalizing Cisco Full-Stack Observability with AppDynamics, ThousandEyes, and Inters543
5GCOPSOperationalizing Cisco Enterprise 5G Solutions544

You can always find the updated list at our website . We will be updating the list on a regular basis. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

My course is not on the list, but I would like to pay for it with CLCs. What should I do?

We regularly update the courses on the Cisco Learning Locator and can adjust the schedule depending on the interest from the market. If your course is not scheduled at the moment, we suggest you contact our team to discuss the options for scheduling it.

How fast will you schedule the course we requested on the Cisco Learning Locator?

It can take up to two weeks to schedule a course on the Cisco Learning Locator, so you can pay for it with CLCs. However, if you have an urgent request for training, our team will make sure that the schedule will be updated as soon as possible.

We have a team that would like to attend a CLC-eligible course. Can you deliver it only for us?

Yes, if you have at least 4 students. We suggest contacting us prior to register at Cisco’s website so we ensure the proper arrangement.

How can I see which courses are scheduled by NterOne Learning?

On the Cisco Learning Locator, look for training provided by NterOne and with the CLC eligible icon.

Can I pay with CLCs directly to NterOne?

No, you can redeem CLCs only directly with Cisco, not with NterOne Learning or any other Cisco Learning partner. For open enrollment courses, you can enroll at our website with your CLC information and for private courses (closed enrollment), contact our team and we will help you redeem your CLCs with Cisco.