What is the 360 Program?

NterOne is pleased to introduce the NterOne 360 Program, our convenient and cost-effective means of purchasing multiple seat bundles of training or services for your organization. Through this program, NterOne will work closely with you to define your business goals and objectives and map programs directly to your staff to ensure their skills match those objectives.

Program Details and Benefits

With the 360 Program, you can tailor your training needs into a flexible program that provides you the right class at the right price and is delivered in a timeframe convenient for you. Our team will consult with your to develop a plan to meet all your objectives

360 Program Details

  • The 360 Program is bundles of credits that can be used when and where you want them. Bundled purchasing allows for volume discounts, providing great savings and convenience to you.
  • 360 credits are sold in units that are redeemable for classes or services. One credit equals one hundred dollars and can be applied to any NterOne delivered offering.
  • The 360 credit program is a pre-paid program and may be used once payment is received. This offer is non-refundable.
  • 360 Program credits can be used for all NterOne MINT and DSI services offerings.

360 Program Benefits

  • Credits are purchased in advance locking in training or services budgets. Classes and dates can be discussed, chosen and taken as needed over the course of the year.
  • Credits can be used in any combination at your company thus providing flexibility. One person can take multiple courses or multiple people can attend any courses thereby maximizing flexibility for you.
  • Take advantage of volume discounting, with the convenience of procuring a single purchase order for multiple seats of training or services.
  • Maximize your purchasing power by consolidating training requirements between different teams and divisions.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of picking and choosing multiple vendors and technologies as opposed to limited and narrowly defined choices within a single vendor.

How Do We Get Started?

NterOne will provide and in-depth analysis of current needs and make comprehensive recommendations based on the current skill sets and technology in use. If new implementations are planned, or existing staff are redeployed in other areas, we will account for those changes and make recommendations accordingly.

Once the final assessment is complete and budgets are set, any combination of SKU’s can be purchased to begin the process.

One-Track BundlesPricingNterOne SKU
1 credit$100N1360 - 1
10 credits$1,000N1360 - 10
100 credits$10,000N1360 - 100
500 credits$50,000N1360 - 500

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