Cisco Data Center Networking practice labs include the following custom written labs:

Lab 1: Use the DCICN Lab System

Lab 2: Explore LAN Communication

Lab 3: Explore Protocol Analysis

Lab 4: Explore TCP and UDP Communication

Lab 5: Explore the Cisco NX-OS Command Line Interface

Lab 6: Explore Topology Discovery and Documentation

Lab 7: Implement VLANs and Trunks

Lab 8: Map a Spanning Tree and Configure Port Channels

Lab 9: Implement Multilayer Switching

Lab 10: Configure OSPF

Lab 11: Configure EIGRP

Lab 12: Configure HSRP

Lab 13: Configure AAA and Secure Remote Administration

Lab 14: Configure ACLs

Lab 15: Configure VSANs

Lab 16: Validate FLOGI and FCNS

Lab 17: Configure Zoning

Lab 18: Explore the Cisco UCS Manager GUI

Lab 19: Calculate Decimal, Binary, and Subnet

The below topology is a sample of what a pod connectivity is currently used, and includes other solution components to offer a real-world scenario to allow the user to get true enterprise grade experience in one of our company owned and operated global data centers.  

Dcicn labtop