Cisco Data Center Networking (DCICN) v6.2 is a course that teaches about the primary technologies that are used in the Cisco Data Center.

Lab 1: Initiate ACI Fabric Discovery (Instructor Demo)

Lab 2: Configure Basic Network Constructs

Lab 3: Configure Policy Filters and Contracts

Lab 4: Deploy a Three-Tier Application Profile

Lab 5: Register a VMM Domain with ACI

Lab 6: Configure VMware ESXi Hosts to use the APIC DVS

Lab 7: Associate an EPG to a VMware vCenter Domain

Lab 8: Associate a VM to an EPG Port Group

Lab 9: Deploy a Service Graph with Application Profile

Lab 10: Configure APIC using the REST API

Lab 11: Configure APIC to Communicate to an External Layer 3 Network

Lab 12: Configure APIC to Communicate to an External Layer 2 Network

Lab 13: Configure APIC RBAC for Local and Remote Users (Peer Required)

Lab 14: Monitor and Troubleshoot ACI

Lab 15: Configure APIC for Bare Metal to Bare Metal Communications

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