NterOne Announces Intent to Acquire LXE

NterOne Announces Intent to Acquire LXE, a Cisco Learning Partner based in the Dominican Republic  

NterOne  Corporation  announced  today  the  intent  to  acquire  LXE  Corp  SRL,  a  privately  held company  based  in  the  Dominican  Republic.    LXE  is  a  leading provider  of  Cisco  Learning  solutions in  the  Latin  America  market  with  offices  in  the  Dominican  Republic,  Panama,  and  Venezuela. "This acquisition  broadens our  reach  in  markets  we  have  already  been  doing  business  in  for years,” said Anthony  Hamilton,  CEO  of  NterOne.  “We  have  a  deep  respect  for  our customers  and  partners  in this  region,  and  now  we  will  have  a  local  presence  to  further  strengthen  and  grow  our relationships.”  

LXE  has  been  in  business  for  over  five  years  with  a  focus  on  delivering  high  quality  Cisco training  solutions. The  company  offers  a  variety  of  technology training  areas  such  as  Data  Center, Collaboration,  Enterprise  Networks, Security.

Moving  forward,  LXE  will  become  NterOne  and  launch  a  Spanish  language  version  of NterOne.com to  focus  on  the  Latin  America  markets  while  expanding its service  offerings  in  Cisco  and  VMware. As  a  direct  and  specialized  learning  partner,  NterOne  will  be  uniquely  positioned  as  the  only direct learning partner in the  world  to  have  a  local  office  presence  in  the  Dominican  Republic  and Venezuela.      

“We  are  very  pleased  and  extremely  excited  to  be  joining  the  NterOne  family,”  said  Nestor Barrios,  CEO  of  LXE.  “We  have  worked  with  NterOne  as  a partner  for  years,  and  their commitment  to  excellence  and  customer  satisfaction  is  unmatched  in  the  industry.”      

The  acquisition  is  expected  to  close  in  the  third  quarter  of  2016,  subject  to  customary  closing conditions.  

About  NterOne:  

NterOne  is  a  global  training  and  consulting  company  focusing  on  live  online  training,  self-paced e-­learning,  and  private  onsite  training.  The  company  is  headquartered  in  Reston,  VA,  but  mainly operates  virtually  by  allowing  employees  to  work  remotely,  thus  reducing  the  company’s  overall carbon  footprint. NterOne  is  a  Cisco  Learning  Partner,  a  VMware  Authorized  Training  Center,  and operates  its  own  Data  Center  in  North  Carolina.  The  company’s  key technology  focus  areas  are Virtualization,  Data  Center,  Routing  and  Switching,  Voice,  Collaboration,  Optical,  Wireless,  and Security.

 For  more  information,  please  visit  the  corporate  web  site  at  http://www.NterOne.com.    

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