Benefits of Live Online IT Training

Benefits of Live Online IT Training

For over 10 years now, NterOne has been the world-wide leader when it comes to delivering rich and interactive live online IT training.

By enrolling in an NterOne live online instructor-led class you can:

  • Take the class from anywhere, on any device.
  • Be home with your family every night.
  • Eliminate travel expenses, which sometimes can cost more than the training itself.
  • Apply 100% of the training budget for training and not waste it on travel expenses.
  • Eliminate the hassles of airport security, canceled, delayed or missed flights.
  • Have more training options if you are not located near large technology centers.
  • Experience fewer class cancellations, as class registrations are not limited to a small geographic area.
  • Have an enhanced learning experience via collaboration to solve real-life scenarios.
  • Have a more interactive and creative experience with the introduction of other forms of instruction such as high definition video, hands-on labs, animations, etc. when appropriate.
  • Ask the instructor questions and request assistance when needed vs. struggling with a pre-recorded video which is usually outdated.
  • Easily obtain course materials such as PowerPoints, documents, streaming video, whiteboard examples, animations, etc.
  • Participate in breakout sessions to develop problem-solving skills and increase comprehension.
  • Be more flexible when it comes to scheduling training as more options are available.
  • Ask questions directly via voice bridge, or use chat feature in Webex.
  • Access the training from almost any platform including Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

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